The Importance of an Active Skincare Routine

In the past, popular skincare has often been about beautiful scented lotions combined with textures that feel luxurious on our skin. But the reality is, these scents are usually from synthetic and chemical-laden fragrances, and a silky texture is often due to silicones and other ingredients we shouldn’t really be applying to our skin. While they smelled lovely and felt nice, they weren’t doing much for our complexion long-term. These days when it comes to high-tech skincare, it’s all about incredible results and products that are kind and nurturing to the skin, with a bit of luxury on the side!

What is active skincare?

Active skincare is a term used to describe products containing active ingredients with a purpose or action for true skin improvement or correction. Also known as cosmeceuticals, these active ingredients have been tested with clinical data to prove their efficacy. An example of an active ingredient could be retinol or hyaluronic acid, however not all “active” products are equal. Because these ingredients in their pure form are expensive, some big-name brands may not contain high quality formulas, or enough of an active ingredient to do the job. On the other side, quality actives can range from strong, prescription-strength formulas to clear acne or reduce wrinkles through to natural ingredients to sooth the skin, so it’s important you know what you’re looking for in each product. Here at Acacia, we’re all about the best of the best (because we know our clients demand impressive results), so we’ve done all the hard work for you when it comes to working out the perfect products.

What are the benefits of active skincare?

While a common beauty store or supermarket moisturiser will nourish your skin with a few oils, using an active skincare routine means you’re on your way to real skin improvement. With active skincare, it’s possible to not just maintain great skin and prevent further damage (which will save you time and money in the years to come!), but also to reverse or reduce signs of ageing (such as fine lines and wrinkles), pigmentation (sun spots, dark patches and freckles) or acne, as well as improving your overall skin tone for a more hydrated, clear and healthy complexion. The key is in choosing the right products for your skin type – one size doesn’t fit all! If you’re using the right active products, you can look forward to better skin and results that start to show within just a few weeks.

Why is commitment to my routine so important?

We all know the saying  “good things take time”, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to skin improvement with your at-home routine. Once you’ve sorted your routine, you need to stick with it – active ingredients need time to do their job. In a similar way to committing to a diet or fitness plan will get you the best results possible for your body, the same goes for skin. This means cleansing properly, followed by application of your active serums and then your hydrator (moisturiser), twice a day. Morning calls for daily SPF application too! It can seem daunting at first, but you’ll soon get it down to a relaxing 3-minute ritual you look forward to, especially once you start seeing results. If you can also commit to weekly exfoliation and a monthly professional facial at Acacia, you’ll be fast-tracked to achieving a youthful and glowing complexion!

How can I get started, and which products should I be using?

Everyone has different skin concerns and each skin has different needs when it comes to the ingredients and products you need. This is why it’s best to have a quick chat with one of our skin experts, who can advise you on the best products to get you on track to achieving your skin goals. Here at Acacia, we only work with high performance and nurturing skincare products which produce real results for our clients. We’ve handpicked each and every product for its efficacy and quality. Our active skincare brands such as O Cosmedics, Environ, La clinica, and Ginger&Me have a wide range of products on offer, and it can get a little confusing! Each routine should have the right cleanser for your skint type, active serums to treat your unique skin concerns, plus a nourishing hydrator, and a separate mineral (zinc oxide) SPF30 for day time.

Explore our brands here, send us an email, give us a call or come in and see us at Acacia Skin Health & Beauty to find your perfect active skincare routine!