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Your skin is unique to you, so we believe your skin care solution should be just as unique. Based on your skin type, concerns, lifestyle and medical history our experienced team can help you pick a right regime and customize the best skincare programme to achieve a clear, radiant and youthful skin.

The Intelligent Skin Analyser next-generation captures photos of your skin in different layers and lighting to accurately prescribe customised clinically proven skincare and deliver this report directly to your inbox.


Allow 30-45 mins

$ 55

(Complimentary with any skin treatment or product purchase)

Education is the most valuable thing when it comes to your skin. With our brand-new skin scanner and consultation, we are able to take the time to diagnose your skin and therefore be able to create a personalised skin plan to best benefit and improve your skin.

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Skin DNA Genetic test


Take an advanced genetic test to assess an individuals DNA; revealing their genetic propensity to intrinsic skin aging. Find out how your skin will age, its strengths and weaknesses, even before you start seeing the signs. This information can be used to empower individuals to make health promoting lifestyle and dietary changes, and help skin professionals everywhere to make more informed treatment choices.

This involves a 30-minute initial test appointment and a 45-minute results consultation.

Allow 30 & 45 minutes


(You will also receive a 10% off on product purchase)