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Microblading & Micropigmentation

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The perfect gift to delight someone special...

Microblading & Micropigmentation

"Wake Up with Make Up"

Minimize the need for daily makeup application of your brows, lash enhancement, eyeliner, lip liner or even lip shadow with micropigmentation and microblading, from just $300 with free consultation.

Online Bookings

Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift to delight someone special...

Because nobody is perfect!

Every face has a weak point. Whether it‘s uneven eyebrows, unequally sized eyes or lips with a distorted contour. This is where Micropigmentation/Microblading offers the most natural solution with absolutely stunning results.

Eyebrows build the main frame around the face. Minor irregularities can create an inharmonious look. With just a few correctly placed hair strokes, Micropigmentation/Microblading can create a natural, harmonious and symmetric look, without drastically changing a person’s appearance.

A well-defined upper lip line is a marker of youth! Just adding pigments into the lip contour can take off years of a person’s face. And emphasizing the lower eyeline will enhance the expression of the eyes.

Is Micropigmentation/Microbladding the same as permanent make-up?

Micropigmentation/Microblading and permanent make-up are based on the same technology of inserting color pigments into the skin. It is long-lasting, but we prefer not to call it make-up.

Make-up is still the individual daily choice of every woman. For example, wearing glamorous make-up for the evening, or going for a fresh and natural look during the day.

Micropigmentation/Microblading simply builds the foundation for looking perfect without looking made-up.

Let‘s work together and spread the word. Micropigmentation/Microblading: save time and look perfect 24 hours!

Before & After

Samples of some of our clients before and after Microblading and Micropigmentation.



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Lips—liner & lipstick

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