Resurfacing Micro Dermabrasion Kit – Stage 1 – Gentle

$255.00 Incl. GST

The GLY C REFINE Stage 1 (Gentle) kit introduces skin to LA CLINICA’S GLY C REFINE skin care regime.


The GLY C REFINE Stage 1 (Gentle) kit introduces skin to LA CLINICA’S GLY C REFINE skin care regime.

Promoting a flawless complexion by refining the skins texture and tone. This range reduces pigmentation & uneven skin tone and increases skin elasticity and firmness. These products are also shown to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the incidence of blemishes, break-outs, blackheads and milia. Use daily for softer, smoother, clarified skin.

Kit includes:

GLY C REFINE Gentle Facial Cream Cleanser – 5% Glycolic Acid – 250mL
GLY C REFINE Facial Toning Mist – 8% Glycolic Acid – 100mL
GLY C REFINE  Vitamin C Radiance Skin Oil – 15mL
GLY C REFINE Stage 1 Gentle Moisture Cream 5% – 50mL
GLY C REFINE Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream 3% – 30mL
GLY C REFINE Microdermabrasion Facial Exfoliating Scrub – 125gr
LA CLINICA toiletry bag


Glycolic Acid – Smoothes and rebalances the complexion by promoting the exfoliation of dead skin cells and unclogging blocked pores. Outer layers of the skin are gently peeled away to reveal refined, fresher, younger looking skin for a more radiant appearance. Considered to be the most effective and suitable fruit acid for skin treatment products. Naturally derived from sugar cane.

Vitamin C – Reduces inflammation & photoageing via its powerful anti-oxidant activity. Strengthens skin conditions to help repair and rejuvenate the skin.

WHITE BRILLIANT COMPLEX – Possesses multiple tyrosinase inhibitors to block the overproduction of pigmentation and regulate further pigmentation production whilst brightening the complexion. Exclusive to LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY.

EPT (Enhanced Penetration Technology) – Helps to enhance permeation: ensuring bioavailibility of actives. Developed to enhance and ensure the efficacy of active ingredients.